11. april 2017

The Three Sisters

“Why do people keep trying to put this blanket on me?”
“Because you’re in shock”
“That doesn’t mean I need a blanket. It means I need booze”
“You can’t have booze, you idiot! That will make your condition even worser!”
“Worse? No, no, no, it will make everything sooo much better”
“No booze!”
“Oh, boo hoo, Caroline, you are no fun!”
“Adrielle, get in your stupid head, that you was just in a fucking car accident, and got a concussion! So you can’t for the love of God drink any booze!”
“For the mother of love, don’t you ever use that word and the name of the Lord in the same sentence” a voice breaked through.
Both girls turned their heads around to see their older sister Kathryn stand in the doorway. Even though none of them have seen them in several years, Kathryn was as always classic dressed, wearing a black etui dress. Her hair was pulled tight back into a knot, and one of their mom's pearl necklaces filling out around her neck.
“Kathryn, what the hell are you doing here?” it came from Adrielle, her voice dripping with cold love for her elder sister.
“I heard about your accident. Or, I was actually called to, because apparently, I am still listed as your contact in case of emergency” Kathryn explained.
“God the fucking dammit” Adrielle cursed.
“I told you not to use the…” Kathryn started, but was interrupted by Adrielle, who abruptly stood up and looked at her sister with angry and hurtful eyes.
“You don’t to tell me any - fucking - thing, Kathryn! You freaking left us!” she yelled.
“Adrielle…” Caroline’s voice begged from behind her.
“No!” it came sharp from her, when she turned around at Caroline with a pointed finger. “You don’t get to defend her this time. She left us, Caroline! She left us right after our mother died! She left us with a drunken father! There is no fucking excuse to that betrayal!”
“But, Adrielle, she is our sister” the mouse voice of a little sister argued.
“I don’t give a shit if she was the queen of England or the President of the United States” Adrielle bellowed. “She. Left. Us.” she hissed every word with so much hatred, that you could feel the acid from her heart dripping out.
“Adrielle, if I just could get a chance to explain my reasons” Kathryn pleaded with her hand stretched out towards her younger sisters.
“Get out, Kathryn. I didn’t asked for you to be here. It was a mistake, that I didn’t changed my contact list the day, you left. You should never have been called. So get the fuck out of my home” Adrielle told with a harsh voice. She ranked her back to stand straight, and crossed her arms in the same movement.
“Adrielle, please…”
“Get out. Now!”
“For the family sake…” it came quietly from Caroline.
“If you want to join her, be my guest, Caroline” she told her baby sister, without breaking eye contact with Kathryn.
“I… I can’t choose between my sisters” stammered Caroline.
“Just go. Both of you” Adrielle ordered.
“But you can’t be alone! You have a concussion” Caroline argued.
“I will call someone else to come and take care of me. And now, get the hell out of my house, before I call the security to escort you”
Caroline went crestfallen past Adrielle to get out of the room. She didn’t wait for Kathryn to join her. Both the elder sisters could feel the hurt in her posture, and Kathryn tried to reach a hand out towards her, but retracted it, because she wouldn’t risk losing another sister over this visit. Before Kathryn went out of the door, she looked back at Adrielle.
“I really hope you know what you are doing, Adrielle” she warned, and then left the room.
Adrielle lost all the posture as she collapsed on the couch.
“I am way too sober to deal with this kinda shit” she mumbled for herself, before she reached out for the whiskey at the nearest bar chart.

31. august 2016

The sound of the sea

The leaves on the trees sound like the sound of the sea, when the wind is blowing up and the water is crushing against the shore. White foam leaving behind a trail of the sea along the coast. The sea goes in rythmic waves; hitting the shore and contracting in easy steady movements. Morning sun glistening in the surface of the blue colour; making it into a thousand different shades of blue, mixed with the red and orange colours of the sun. Seagulls screaming and flying around for the hope of food. Little bobbles farther out in the sea gives the sight of living creatures. A breeze from the side reminds that, even when the morning sun is there to warm the world up, it is still bright morning with all the cold, before the rest of the world come to life.

31. marts 2016

Allie & Rose

I woke up in the middle of the night with someone rattling around in the room.

“Allie, is that you?” I mumbled out, still half asleep.

“Oh sorry, honey. It wasn’t my intention to wake you. Just go back to sleep and I will join you in a few minutes.” I felt a peck on my forehead with that answer.

“Why are you back from work so late?” I asked, while I seated myself up in the bed. It would be meaningless to go back to sleep, since I knew Allie was really bad at being quiet.

“Everything got caught up in meetings. And people wouldn’t listen. I had to be the bossy one to make everyone understand. So it was a pretty tough day.” Allie answered tired, and yet still rattling around in the room, clearly looking for something.

“Allie, what are you even looking for?”

“I am trying to find my amulets. But I just can’t remember where I put them this morning.”

“That is because I already put them in your drawer, because I knew you would forget about them. Please, come back to bed and get some sleep. The adviser of the queen needs to sleep at some point.”

Allie stopped up and turned around. She was smiling bright at me, and I felt the butterflies in my stomach. How did I get so lucky to be with this girl?

“So, you are saying, that your adviser should join you in bed? Isn’t that kind of naughty for the queen, to be lying with one of her court members?” Allie smirked at me.

“Oh just shut up and get back to bed, you silly girl!” I laughed while I threw a pillow at her.

“How dare you to throw my own pillow at my face? You are a very bad queen of not satisfying our people!” she mocked and leaned down in front of me.

“How dare you to question your queen’s actions?” I grinned and took a grip on her collar to bring her down in bed with me.

“Okay, okay, you win, your Majesty! I bow in the dust of your feed!”

“Oh, for heaven’s sake, Allie, you sure as hell need some sleep, when you sound like that.” I laughed at her. Allie was the kind of girl, whose humor only gets worse, when she was tired. She didn’t respond to me, but just cuddled up against me and laid her arm over me, so she could hold me tight.

“Thanks for being understand about these late nights, Rose. It means the world to me that you trust me so much.” she whispered and gave me a little kiss on my neck.

“I wouldn’t lay that job in anyone else’s hands than yours. You are my world. I hope you know that.”

“I know. I love you, Rosalind.”

“I love you too, Allison.”